Enemy Initiative Marker: Lair Action

by Studio Crowmatic
$27.50 AUD
Shipped Carbon Neutral
These initiative markers are designed to hook over GM screens. The 'player side' has the generic enemy artwork and space for a name to be written in dry-erase marker, and the 'GM side' has the character name and a space for writing notes as well.
These are useful initiative markers for individual enemies, or for groups of enemies that move on the same initiative. The acrylic pieces are printed single-sided.
They can be written on with dry erase marker, so you can write in the creatures' names, and the GM can take notes on the GM side's empty scroll art.
The hook pieces come in two sizes: 9mm wide, and 15mm wide, in red. Please measure the width of your GM screen! The 9mm is suitable for the standard cardboard DM screens.
From left to right in the first product photo, the enemy initiative markers are: Small, Medium, Large, Huge, and Gargantuan. The creature sizes to choose from are based on standard D&D creature sizes, matching the enemy token sizes and artwork.




9.5cm x 5cm x 0.8cm (flatpacked), 5cm x 1.7cm x 8cm (assembled)


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