Meat's Meat Pin

by Medieval Mischief
$22.00 AUD
Shipped Carbon Neutral

Cat got your...?

The title of the engraving this pin is from — "Flaisch Macht Flaisch" — is likely a reference to the German proverb "fleisch macht fleisch, fisch macht nisch" which translates to "meat gives meat, fish gives nothing" a comment on the perceived superior nutritional value of meat in one's diet.

This proverb is then humourously made vulgar in this engraving — the nun is trying to bribe the cat with a fish (a representation of Christianity) to trade for the penis (a representation of carnal desire), the cat, however, does not seem tempted...

This pin comes affixed to a special backing card depicting the entire engraving. 2.3 inch soft enamel pin, pantone dyed metal, epoxy coated, two posts, rubber clutches & back stamp.


Pantone Dyed Soft Enamel with Epoxy


60mm x 30mm


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