Introducing Wave Five
Wave Five Artists' Creations
Soy Fish Tote Bag $49.50 AUD
Pause Print $12.10 AUD
Faggot Sticker $7.15 AUD
Rat King Keychain $14.30 AUD
me&u sticker $8.25 AUD
Stare Sticker $4.40 AUD
TGIF sticker $7.70 AUD
Beware of Goblins Sticker $16.50 AUD
sold out
Scissoring Print $16.50 AUD
frogs! sticker $6.05 AUD
Abyss print $11.00 AUD
Black cat Print $14.30 AUD
Bunny Enamel Pin $22.00 AUD
Sheep Enamel Pin $22.00 AUD
I Loaf U Badge $3.30 AUD
Friday Print $12.10 AUD
ROAR Print $11.00 AUD
Froggy Print $16.50 AUD
sold out
Teeth Keychain $25.30 AUD
Poison Lino Print $22.00 AUD
Tulips Print $14.30 AUD
Sardines Print $8.80 AUD
Pansy Print $5.50 AUD
Wonder Print $5.50 AUD
lullaby print $19.80 AUD

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